Feb 24, 2013

Sunday Ponderings

"Take criticism, smash it into dust, add color, and use it to paint breathtaking images of unicorns frolicking through endless fields of greatness."


Feb 11, 2013


I watch the sky change to a darker blue. I can't think of another thing to do...

Feb 10, 2013

Sunday Ponderings

Valentine's Day is not always about being with the one you love... Sometimes it is about remembering those that love you.

And even if we never talk again, please remember that I am forever changed by who you are and what you meant to me...

~ Chasing Amy Quote ~

Feb 4, 2013


Tonight I'm gonna hold you so close because when the daylight comes we'll be on our own...

Feb 3, 2013

Sunday Ponderings

In honor of the 49ers making the Super Bowl

"The principle is competing against yourself. It's about self improvement, about being better than you were the day before.”

~ Steve Young ~