Jan 31, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack saw red! He wanted nothing more than to haul out and knock this guy on his ass, all the while, yelling, “She belongs to me!”… but she didn’t belong to him. He didn’t even really know her. Jack felt truly lost in that moment. His one tie to home, the reason his heart kept beating steadily, was fiercely hugging another guy in a world that was completely foreign from his own.
Jack turned away from the couple, pressed his back to the rough wall, and willed the emotions churning deep inside him to stay where they belonged… hidden. ~ Chapter 45 ~

Jan 30, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack’s hand went back up as his eyes closed. His head dropped down again.
She paced back and forth in front of him, muttering under her breath. “…boys… such babies… can’t stomach…. big lump…”
“Alright, you can stop your judgmental pacing!” Jack kept his head lowered as he asked her, “So, you are what? A genie?” ~ Chapter 45 ~


I Wish... turned over 2000 hits last nights! That is phenomenal for 2 and 1/2 months. Thank you to everybody for their constant support in spreading the word. Please keep up the good work!!!

Jan 29, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

You can tell a lot about a fellow's character by his way of eating jellybeans. ~ Ronald Reagan ~

Jan 28, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack’s eyes flew open, and his arms instinctively tightened around Kira. He didn’t loosen his grip until he registered that she was pounding on his chest. She leaned into him and blew a last bit of air into Jack's mouth before pushing away from him. Jack’s world, literally, seemed to be turned upside down. Kira grabbed his hand and hooked it onto the edge of her jeans, for him to hold on to. As soon as his grip tightened, she took off through an underwater tunnel. Jack couldn’t see the tunnel until he was in it and looking back at the light streaming into the small pool they were moving quickly away from. ~ Chapter 45 ~

Working on a little Inspiration

I love revving up for writing by listening to music that inspires me. Today's pick... Tristan Prettyman singing All I Want Is You

Jan 27, 2012

New Review!

New Review from Christy-

This was just what I was looking for. A quick read with a little romance, but not over the top. I could really picture the Jinni world. Looking forward to the next one!!!

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira sat back on her heels next to him. She touched a hand to his cheek and felt a tiny shiver of energy pass between them. She felt a lump start to form in her throat. A tear slipped from her eye, slid down her face, and dropped onto Jack’s hand. Kira grasped that hand, leaned forward, and pressed her forehead to Jack’s chest. She knew it was selfish, but she thought, “I could really use your support right now.” ~ Chapter 44 ~

Jan 26, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

“I wish we were back on Jack’s porch.” Kira brought her hands together in the ancient way and hoped it would work. It didn’t. She muttered the wish again and snapped her fingers. Nothing happened. Just to make sure her snap still worked, she popped an apple into her hand.
Jack’s mouth gaped open. ~ Chapter 44 ~

Jan 25, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

“The light!” Jack thought. That was it. The forest was light. The canopy over their heads was not nearly thick enough. There were only a few evergreens in the mix of trees and those few looked as if a strong wind would knock them over.
Jack became very still when it fully sunk in that he wasn’t in Oregon anymore. ~ Chapter 43 ~

Jan 24, 2012

A New Review!

A new review by Vader:
Book was fun and easy to read and follow. Had multiple stories within the story and made me laugh out loud on numerous occasions- mostly because i could see the characters talking/doing what the author described-. Book was recommended by my mother because she knew I enjoyed fantasies-twilight, eragon, etc. "I Wish" is a very nice and enjoyable read and I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to leave their real life issues behind for a day or two of fantasy.

Have you left your review? Click HERE to do it now.


Inspiration comes in all forms. I have been trying to pin point the eccentricity of the fairies, and this music video pushes all of the right buttons for me. What do you think?

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira sat on the porch swing of Jack's home with her feet curled up under her, half facing Jack. He was next to her on the swing, hunched down with his elbows resting on his knees. His converse-clad foot would push off ever so gently with each new question she asked. They had found a comfortable place to put their friendship. Kira sighed as she thought of the haunting eyes on her wall. Her feelings needed to be what she needed them to be, and no more. If everything went as planned, she would be wrapping up this assignment today, and be on her way back home soon. There was no room to let her heart dwell on Jack. ~ Chapter 42 ~

Jan 23, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira’s heart lurched at the sadness she had seen reflected in Jack’s eyes. It mirrored the sorrow she felt to her very toes. Kira dashed into the house and turned to watch Jack through the window. His car just sat there. Kira could see Jack’s faint outline leaning over the steering wheel. Even his silhouette looked forlorn. ~Chapter 41 ~

Jan 21, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

As Jack pulled up in front of the little cottage, he turned in his seat to look at Kira. “I still have one question I want to ask.” Kira looked up into his eyes and he held his breath. Jack felt like he could see into her very thoughts when she looked at him that way. ~ Chapter 40 ~

Jan 20, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira wanted to scream at the injustice of this moment! Why did she have to fall for her human? Why him? She wanted nothing more, at this moment in time, than to feel his lips touch hers. Kira put a hand against Jack’s chest to stop him. She saw the question in his eyes, and swallowed back the lump in her throat.
Kira dropped her head onto the hand still touching his chest, and she whispered, “We can’t.” ~ Chapter 39 ~

Jan 19, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira felt Jack approach. When she opened her eyes, it was to find him studying her. He said quietly, “You looked lost in your own world.”
She returned his smile, and replied, “No… I am definitely lost in yours.”
Jack quirked a half grin. “Well, you are welcome to lose your direction in my world anytime you please.” ~ Chapter 39 ~

New Review!

Someone added another review to the mix yesterday!


I enjoy the fantasy genre, but it can be a bit cliche after the umpteenth book about dragons and vampires and princesses. Tia Harrington expands the genre with--you guessed it--genies! My husband got so into my kindle book that I had to read it out loud to him every night so I could finish it, too.
One of the rules of the Jinn is that their human must never know they are a genie. This gets pretty amusing as Kira tries to thwart Jack's innocent statements of "I wish . . ." before he can finish his sentence and she has to help him. Of course she's there to help him, but it's with his one big wish, the one wish he hasn't admitted, even to himself.
I hope Aunt Sheila, the leftover hippie, features in the sequel as well. I loved when she was so worried about Jack that she didn't even "accentuate" any of his laundry (i.e.-tie-dye it).
This would probably be a G-rated fantasy/romance, except for what I believe movie raters call "mild language." We read it out loud to the 8 year old so we could verbally edit the occasional exclamation.

Jan 18, 2012

A Wish & A Prayer

I have had some mixed responses about my self-publishing route. Some people think that I have just given up on finding an agent... but I haven't. My ultimate goal right now is to obtain an agent.
That is why I just sent out a query letter (a letter asking an agent to check out my book)with a wish and a prayer into the pile of other queries clogging another agent's inbox.
So, if any of you are best friends with a fabulous agent, :D, please refer I Wish... their way.

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira stumbled in the darkness. She crawled the last few feet to the injured figure. The fire flickered, and Kira saw Jack’s face before the light disappeared again. She leaned forward and cupped his face. Jack’s eyes fluttered open and focused on her for one instant. The corner of his mouth lifted before his eyes drifted shut again. His face quickly melded back to its former lifeless pallor. Kira’s lip quivered as she brushed back a lock of his hair that had curled over his forehead. She felt a tear run down her cheek and whispered to herself, “I did this.” ~ Chapter 39 ~

Jan 17, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

His thoughts tumbled over one another until they finally stopped. With perfect clarity, he knew. “She lied to me!” A smile spread across his face, and he knew without a doubt that she had told him a whopper of a lie. ~Chapter 38~

Playing The Part In My Mind

This guy could easily play the part of Mundo in my mind. I love the way he throws back his could and moves with such force!

Jan 16, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack slowed his car to a stop in the middle of the deserted street, and turned to her. "Are you leaving because of me?"
Kira’s heart beat faster. Tiny prickles of awareness that skittered down her arms, and she felt the desire to reach out and touch Jack’s face… Just to know without a doubt that this was not a dream. She tamped down the need, and looked at the empty street ahead of the car. "Jack, move the car. We are in the middle of the street."
"Answer me."
Kira shook her head, and said, "No." ~Chapter 37~

New Review!

There is a new review on Amazon! This one is from HF:

This is a very cute romance/adventure. I think that most tween and teen girls would enjoy it. Even this adult found it quite diverting. ;)

Don't forget to add your review this month for a chance to win a $20 Amazon Gift Card!

Jan 15, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

I do think that very often what is not revealed is more interesting than what is revealed explicitly.

~ Colin Firth ~

Jan 14, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack wasn't paying any attention. He was remembering a sopping wet Kira marching barefoot through the forest after ripping into him. ~Chapter 36~

Jan 13, 2012

A Fun Thought

My sister posted this on my facebook page the other day and it made me smile... So, I thought I would share it with you.

Thought you'd enjoy this Churchill quote I ran across: Writing a book is an adventure. To begin with, it is a toy and an amusement; then it becomes a mistress, and then it becomes a master, and then a tyrant. The last phase is that just as you are about to be reconciled to your servitude, you kill the monster, and fling him out to the public.

Chapter Quote of the Day

Mundo was staring beyond the strain in the outer wall, to what must have been a beautiful schooner. That was before it had shattered into at least three large pieces, either before or after bouncing off of the barrier. ~Chapter 35~

Jan 12, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

When class ended, Kira stepped out of the band building and turned her face up to the watery sun. She was wearing a smile that reached from one ear to the other. The wind rustled through her hair and the weak sun kissed her cheeks with its warmth… and she had not lost another wish! ~Chapter 34~

Jan 11, 2012

Closer Than You Think

Are you frustrated because you want to read I Wish... but you don't have a kindle? No problem! Kindle has provided a way for you to read their books on your smart phones, your ipads, and your computers. Just click HERE for easy instructions on how to download Kindle to your device.

Chapter Quote of the Day

The poorly concealed satisfied smirk on Kira's face said it all. Jack thought, “Girls! Can’t live with them… Can’t chuck them out the window.” ~Chapter 33~

Jan 10, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

It was true that Kira had gained a lot of very valuable data on him, but it was definitely at a cost. She felt her heart tug her a little closer to him each time a new piece of the puzzle, that was Jack, was put in place. ~Chapter 32~

Spreading the Word!

We have a new review on Amazon!!!

E Blanchard-

This is a fun read, loved the romance and the conflicts there. I couldn't put the book down. I liked the characters, they were real and believable. I was pleased that while the story of the Jinn and her human was the main focus, that there is obviously something bigger going on in her world. I look forward to seeing how the plot unfolds in future books. Can't wait for the next one.

Jan 9, 2012

!!!!Don't Forget The January Challenge!!!!

!!! January Challenge !!!
My goal for January is to reach 30 reviews on Amazon... So, I am doing a drawing this month for a $20 gift card. All you have to do to enter is leave a review now through the 31st of January.

Click HERE to enter your review now!

***Also, for all of my die hard fans that have already done the monthly challenge, I will let you enter by sharing a personal "review" and a book trailer or link to I Wish... on Facebook with all of your friends.***

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack walked into English moments after Kira. She didn’t seem to be royally ticked at him anymore, which was good… but the odd way she was acting toward him sure didn’t invite any sort of conversation. One minute she was smiling up into his eyes with a dreamy look that made him rethink her ‘little sister’ status in his mind. Then the next minute, she was grabbing her bag and rushing out of the cafeteria with a lame excuse. He was truly and utterly confused. ~Chapter 31~

Top 5 Reasons to Read I Wish...

I Wish... is the perfect balance of mystery and magic, romance and reality to give you, the reader, an escape.

Ever since Harry Potter came out, an entire population of readers has emerged. Little boys exchanged pretend swords for magical wands that turn their foes into toads. Little girls found a new excitement in twitching their noses and mastering magical phrases.
For me, I fell in love with the very idea of magic and passed that love on to I Wish...

Reality-Based Fantasy:
I think that Peter Pan was the first reality-based fantasy that I fell in love with. It is the entire idea of possibility... The possibility that there could be wizards or vampires walking among us. The possibility that spirits contact us or that there are magical cities trapped under the sea. I Wish... encapsulates the idea of possibility.

Why would anyone want to read a story where there were no surprises? That's what a mystery is for me... a surprise waiting to be found. It makes you want to read on. The mystery in I Wish... balances perfectly with the romance to make you want to turn pages but savor every moment.

A Vacation For Your Mind:
As residents of today's world we all have a lot on our plates to balance. Work, school, family. And nothing gives us the break we need like a book that takes us away from our worries and responsibilities. A vacation for the mind.

Romance makes your heart pound and your senses tingle. It reminds us all of the stories our grandmas told us of being courted, and our own wooing by our boyfriends or husbands. We all want to relive those timeless stories, and I Wish... gives you that very feeling.

Jan 8, 2012

Sunday Ponderings

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain."

~ Anonymous ~

Jan 7, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira left the room practically shouting with joy. “Finally! Something went right.” She felt like she was finding her footing with this quest, and it was turning out to be as easy as flying. ~Chapter 30~

Jan 6, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack asked, “Isn’t she a bit young for you?”
Sam looked horrified. “Never say so! She is the one, you know… or Stacey… or Tammy or that girl over there.” Sam pointed at a chubby girl bending over in an unflattering position. ~Chapter 29~

Jan 5, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Phan rubbed his hands together and snickered, "Oh come on, I never thought you would shy away from a bit of fun."
Finn smiled back and slugged Phan in the arm, "Bit o' fun, eh? Oh, I'm in." Finn reached inside his dark jacket for a pouch made of a striped animal skin. He raised an eyebrow at Phan and said, "Let's make some mischief." ~Chapter 28~

Jan 4, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack spoke first. “What the hell just happened?”
Kira heard him, but she kept walking briskly away. Away from the questions. Away from the answers that she couldn’t give. Away from the deep connection she had felt with her human. Away. ~Chapter 27~

A Vacation For Mom

Kids back in school? And you need a few days of peace and rest... Why not download I Wish..., curl up on the couch with your softest blanket and a cup of herbal tea, and dive into a vacation for you mind :D

Jan 3, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack sat back on his heels to look around the park for some help. His gaze immediately landed on Kira, who was physically pushing her way through the guys. She managed to look completely panicked, and yet, in absolute control all at the same time. It would have made him smile if he hadn’t been so worried about Sam.
She kneeled across from him and took a deep breath. Suddenly Jack felt a calmness wash over him. She was here, and everything was going to be alright. ~Chapter 26~

!!! January Challenge !!!

!!! January Challenge !!!
My goal for January is to reach 30 reviews on Amazon... So, I am doing a drawing this month for a $20 gift card. All you have to do to enter is leave a review now through the 31st of January.

Click HERE to enter your review now!

***Also, for all of my die hard fans that have already done the monthly challenge, I will let you enter by sharing a personal "review" and a book trailer or link to I Wish... on Facebook with all of your friends.***

Jan 2, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Jack seemed to have ended his internal battle and jogged over. “Hey guys.” He turned to Sam, and said, “Come on, Hercules. Let's get our game on!” Jack tugged off his shirt in one smooth motion and threw it next to Sam’s. Kira's breath caught. She closed her eyes, and started reciting, “He is just my human! He is just my human!” Her eyes peeped open. Jack was almost as well formed as the Jinn defense team, and that was saying a lot! ~Chapter 25~

Jan 1, 2012

Top 5 New Years Goals

This is a New Year for I Wish... and just like Jack, I am setting goals and making plans. These are my Top 5 Goals for I Wish... this year.

1) 100 Amazon Reviews. We are currently sitting at 15 reviews, but as more and more people finish reading I Wish... I am hoping that the reviews really start to add up.

2) 200 Facebook Fans. I Wish... has accumulated 71 fans over the last month and a half. So, we only have 129 to go to reach this goal.

3) Book 2 (I Dream...)published by the end of 2012. Unlike the other goals, this will be mostly all me. I am on my way and actually hope to get it out sooner than December.

4) Top 100 list on Amazon. We have gotten down to the 20,000 range a couple of times, but I am hoping that, with a lot of help from the fans, we will see the top 100 list at least once this year.

5) Hard Copies of both I Wish... & I Dream... This is a big dream for me that I would like to see come into fruition this year. I have had a lot of fans clamouring for a hard copy and, by this winter, I hope to make it happen.

***** To help make all of these goals happen I will be offering monthly prizes for doing certain challenges (ie: January entries will be made by putting a review on Amazon). Also, for all of my die hard fans that have already done the monthly challenge, I will let you enter by sharing a personal "review" and a book trailer or link to I Wish... on Facebook with all of your friends.

Stay tuned in for each challenge and most importantly let me know when you have finished the monthly challenge. *****