Jan 19, 2012

New Review!

Someone added another review to the mix yesterday!


I enjoy the fantasy genre, but it can be a bit cliche after the umpteenth book about dragons and vampires and princesses. Tia Harrington expands the genre with--you guessed it--genies! My husband got so into my kindle book that I had to read it out loud to him every night so I could finish it, too.
One of the rules of the Jinn is that their human must never know they are a genie. This gets pretty amusing as Kira tries to thwart Jack's innocent statements of "I wish . . ." before he can finish his sentence and she has to help him. Of course she's there to help him, but it's with his one big wish, the one wish he hasn't admitted, even to himself.
I hope Aunt Sheila, the leftover hippie, features in the sequel as well. I loved when she was so worried about Jack that she didn't even "accentuate" any of his laundry (i.e.-tie-dye it).
This would probably be a G-rated fantasy/romance, except for what I believe movie raters call "mild language." We read it out loud to the 8 year old so we could verbally edit the occasional exclamation.

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