Jan 1, 2012

Top 5 New Years Goals

This is a New Year for I Wish... and just like Jack, I am setting goals and making plans. These are my Top 5 Goals for I Wish... this year.

1) 100 Amazon Reviews. We are currently sitting at 15 reviews, but as more and more people finish reading I Wish... I am hoping that the reviews really start to add up.

2) 200 Facebook Fans. I Wish... has accumulated 71 fans over the last month and a half. So, we only have 129 to go to reach this goal.

3) Book 2 (I Dream...)published by the end of 2012. Unlike the other goals, this will be mostly all me. I am on my way and actually hope to get it out sooner than December.

4) Top 100 list on Amazon. We have gotten down to the 20,000 range a couple of times, but I am hoping that, with a lot of help from the fans, we will see the top 100 list at least once this year.

5) Hard Copies of both I Wish... & I Dream... This is a big dream for me that I would like to see come into fruition this year. I have had a lot of fans clamouring for a hard copy and, by this winter, I hope to make it happen.

***** To help make all of these goals happen I will be offering monthly prizes for doing certain challenges (ie: January entries will be made by putting a review on Amazon). Also, for all of my die hard fans that have already done the monthly challenge, I will let you enter by sharing a personal "review" and a book trailer or link to I Wish... on Facebook with all of your friends.

Stay tuned in for each challenge and most importantly let me know when you have finished the monthly challenge. *****

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