Jan 9, 2012

Top 5 Reasons to Read I Wish...

I Wish... is the perfect balance of mystery and magic, romance and reality to give you, the reader, an escape.

Ever since Harry Potter came out, an entire population of readers has emerged. Little boys exchanged pretend swords for magical wands that turn their foes into toads. Little girls found a new excitement in twitching their noses and mastering magical phrases.
For me, I fell in love with the very idea of magic and passed that love on to I Wish...

Reality-Based Fantasy:
I think that Peter Pan was the first reality-based fantasy that I fell in love with. It is the entire idea of possibility... The possibility that there could be wizards or vampires walking among us. The possibility that spirits contact us or that there are magical cities trapped under the sea. I Wish... encapsulates the idea of possibility.

Why would anyone want to read a story where there were no surprises? That's what a mystery is for me... a surprise waiting to be found. It makes you want to read on. The mystery in I Wish... balances perfectly with the romance to make you want to turn pages but savor every moment.

A Vacation For Your Mind:
As residents of today's world we all have a lot on our plates to balance. Work, school, family. And nothing gives us the break we need like a book that takes us away from our worries and responsibilities. A vacation for the mind.

Romance makes your heart pound and your senses tingle. It reminds us all of the stories our grandmas told us of being courted, and our own wooing by our boyfriends or husbands. We all want to relive those timeless stories, and I Wish... gives you that very feeling.

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