Jun 1, 2012

!!! June Challenge !!!

It has been a bit since we have had a giveaway on I Wish... But summer is here and it is time for some prizes... 5 Prizes

1st Prize) $20 Amazon Gift Card
2nd & 3rd Prizes) Jack's T-Shirt
4th & 5th Prizes) Kindle Copies of I Wish...
I know, you are jumping up and down wondering what you have to do to enter for your chance to win. The answer: Post a review of I Wish...
You can post it on Amazon, Nook, Pinterest, Goodreads, the I Wish... Book Trailers on Youtube, Shelfari, your Facebook Wall, your Blog or anywhere else that people will see it. All you have to do is return to the I Wish... Facebook Wall and leave a link to your review. Each review receives another entry into the June Challenge.
Lets make June a big month for I Wish...!

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