Jul 17, 2012

1st Goal Achieved!!!

I have reached my first goal tonight and am more than happy to share a small picture of I Dream... with all of you.
Thank you all for your support this month. Keep it coming, and you all will reap the benefits.

Hand to Hand Combat.
Jack smiled and flexed his inner powers like they were muscles rippling down his arms. Now this was a class that he would enjoy.
Jack stood with his mentors in the middle of the wide expanse of nothing but sand... waiting eagerly. Liam smiled at him and stepped forward, "I'll teach him all he needs to know."
Yamin crossed his arms over his chest and snorted, "No... Gemma, you're up."
A petite girl with smiling eyes and a mop of bright red hair skipped forward and shoved Liam back into place before turning to Jack and rubbing her hands together, "Oh, it's on!" Jack looked incredulous. He couldn't hit a girl! She looked more like a porcelain doll than an action figure.
Jack flew through the air and landed on his back. He groaned, rubbing his chest and wheezed out, "What the?"
Gemma's face appeared just above him, "Giving up already?" She offered him a hand to help him up, and he felt her strength flowing through his arm. "I can't hurt you, right? I mean..."
She raised an eyebrow and said plainly, "Jack, you need to get past what I look like. Imagine I'm the enemy... a fairy with enough power in this little hand," Gemma brushed an imaginary piece of dust off of her shoulder with her delicate fingers, "to snap each bone in your body." Gemma leaned in a little closer and put one finger in the direct center of his chest, "If you don't kill me, I will kill you."
Jack felt a shock of electricity emanate from her finger and radiate to the very tips of his toes. His mind flashed back to the small cottage in the field, and the... He tried, and failed, to swallow down the mass of fear literally clawing its way up his throat.
His heart rate picked up, and before his eyes Gemma morphed into the fairy that had attacked him just months before. Jack could see it all again. Kira. She was so frightened and silent as that thing reached out his filthy hands to grab her. Something inside Jack snapped. He flew through the air and tackled the fairy at his waist. Their bodies rolled end over end; a whirl of color in the pure white sand.
The fairy pulled out of the roll first and landed on his toes… ready.
Jack came to a sudden stop in a crouch... eyeing his enemy. Taking two steps his foe flew into the air. Jack launched himself and rolled his body around. He thrust out one leg and connected with the fairy’s chest.
The fairy grunted and grabbed Jack’s ankle… twisting it fiercely. Jack's body rolled wildly before being thrust to the ground.
Jack flipped in the air and landed on his knees.
"Enough!" Yamin's voice cut through the air.
The fairy rolled his wide shoulders and took one intimidating step forward, looking suddenly like a mirage… there, but not. The mirage shook and Gemma stepped out of the rolling air with a smile lighting up her face. She shook her spritely hair with one hand and said, “Not too shabby for a..,” Her eyes held his with surprised respect as she looked down at him. She half-whispered the last word with a bit of wonder, “human.”

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