Jul 1, 2012

July Challenge!... for myself

I know that running with a pencil is a big no-no... but I am really behind with I Dream... Don't get me wrong. I have been plugging away at it, but between kids and moving, work and making sure that we all are wearing moderately clean clothes I have fallen behind. Soooo... I am planning on focusing during this month (since most of my kids will be off at camps and such)on completing the first full draft of I Dream... This is a big endeavor, but I figure that if I pick up my proverbial pencil and run with it, I could just make it.
For me, this means setting goals. For you, this means you get sneak peeks at I Dream...
Goal One- If I add a minimum of 10,000 words... you get a new scene revealed to you.
Goal Two- Up to 20,000 words? I will pick one of you to put in the book.
Goal Three- 30,000!!! Yikes!!! A romantic scene revealed!
Goal Four- 40,000... Means you will get the first 3 Chapters of I Dream... and I will be completely done with the first draft of book 2 and probably well into the second draft.
It's a win~win!

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