Aug 1, 2012

!!! August Challenge !!!

Like my parents always say, "It's not a challenge unless it's hard."

So, I would like to kick it up a notch. I Wish... made some big goals at the beginning of the year, and I would like to take a large step forward in accomplishing some of those goals this month.

The first goal I would like to work on is getting 200 'likes' for I Wish... on Facebook. Unfortunately I can only do so much about this... mostly it will all depend on you, the fans. So, we are starting out with the month with 111 'likes' (which is fabulous!!!), and that means that we only have 89 more to go to reach our goal for the year.

If: We can get the 'likes' up to 150 this month... Then: I will give you the first 4 chapters of I Dream...

The second goal I want to work on is obtaining 100 reviews for I Wish... on Amazon. Again, it would look hinky if I was to leave reviews on my own book, so... it is, again, up to you. We are starting with 25 reviews, and that leaves us with 75 to go. I know this looks daunting, but I also know that there are a bunch of you out there that have already read I Wish...

If: We can get up to 50 reviews on Amazon... Then: I will double the prize to 8 chapters of I Dream...

Gulp!!! Now this is a challenge. Who's in?

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