Mar 21, 2012


We all know what is coming in 2 days... Hunger Games!!!! I am so excited! I inhaled the books.
I was truly inspired by the clearly painted pictures of the characters. Each one stood out in my mind, and I could see the movie playing along as I raced through each chapter. So, when they announced that Jennifer Lawrence would be playing Katniss, I instantly knew she would be a good fit. I could see her fit into that movie in my head.
For I Wish... I had a hard time nailing down my image of Kira. She was an ethereal mystery for me. It wasn't until I saw this particular picture of Emily Browning that I knew SHE was Kira.
Now, I know that Emily Browning will not actually play Kira when some movie mogul begs to put I Wish... on the big screen, but it is the feel of her in this picture that finally made Kira real for me.

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