Feb 15, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

“Aaah, come on, Phan, you gotta lemme do sumthin’.”
Phan shrugged his shoulders, unable to deny his need for a little mischief. “Alright, one pint, but not another drop.”
Finn did a back flip over the rail, and then leapt up into the air a solid fifteen feet, before he landed twenty or more feet away from the house. “Wooooohoooo! Come on, let’s get gone!”
Phan chuckled and took a two step running start before gliding smoothly into the night. He executed a perfect double turn in the air with his coat snapping out behind him. He landed in a crouch. “Aaaah, it does feel good to stretch my legs after being cramped up for so long.” Phan stood up and flexed his lithe body.
The fairies left the field, egging each other on, one after the other, seeing who could out perform the other in height and staggeringly awesome flips.
Jack’s jaw dropped open. “Those are fairies?” ~ Chapter 54 ~

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