Feb 20, 2012

Chapter Quote of the Day

Kira and her mother knelt on either side of Jack to begin trying to heal the parts that they could. Kira cupped his face and felt the warmth of her powers leave her body. Jack’s eyes fluttered open and focused on her for one instant. The corner of his mouth lifted before his eyes drifted shut again. His face quickly melded back to its original form and Kira brushed back a lock of his hair that was curled over his forehead. Her heart felt like it had a hole in it, but it was still beating. Kira bit her lip, and thought, “Oh, Jack! Please don’t give up on me now.”
Kira swiped at a tear that had the audacity to roll down her cheek. “I did this. I just let this happen. I knew he couldn’t handle a fairy, but I didn’t even move to help him until it was too late.”
“He fought a fairy?” Her mother looked down in awe at the deathly pale young man before her. ~Chapter 57 ~

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