Nov 6, 2011

Hi. My name is Tia Harrington… and I am a Dreamer!

It is rather funny that you could ask any of my friends, for the whole of my life, how to describe me, and not one of them would say ‘a dreamer’. You would get: practical, thrifty, organized, hard working, sturdy, tenacious, strict, a goof ball… and many more, but never ‘a dreamer’. But, deep down, I have always been a dreamer.

I think that it comes part and parcel with being one of the youngest in a large family. You dream of your own room, you dream of new clothes (not hand-me-downs), you dream of boys who like you for you and not because your older sister turned them down flat (true story!).

I have always had a movie playing in my head and a soundtrack to hum along with it. I like the idea of things and the possibility that anything could happen.

I dream of Kira and Jack, of Aunt Sheila and Sam, and all of the other characters that are acting out a movie in my head.

My name is Tia Harrington… and I am a Dreamer.

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