Nov 29, 2011

Ways to Share I Wish...

I have had so many people exclaim at how much they LOVE I Wish... and then they ask me how they can help to spread the word. Here are just a few ways:

Facebook! You can share any post from I Wish... by just hitting the share button. You can also post a link to my blog, my book trailer on youtube, or amazon to read reviews and buy I Wish...

Pinboards. Not the old-school ones in grocery stores. I am talking about Pinterest and Two Peas and other e-pinboards that you can share links on and recommend books to anyone who is interested in listening.

E-Bookshelves like Goodreads and Shelfari. Please review and rate I Wish... so other can see that it is out there.

Book Reviewing Blogs. Do you know anyone who reviews books? Recommend my book for review. I would love to donate a copy to their blog and do an author interview.

Talk about it. Review it on Amazon, tell you friends, mention it to you book club...

Again, I really appreciate all of the support and responses from everyone. Thank you all so much!

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