Dec 4, 2011

I Wish... Short Book Trailer

When I made the original I Wish... book trailer my friend Tasha Flynn offered up two options for the music. One was a little over 2 min and the other was about 1.5 min in length. They were both beautifully done, and so, I asked if I could use each one for a different book trailer for I Wish... She was thrilled at the option.

For the first trailer I put a short synopsis to the music and beautiful pictures (supplied by Vince James Photography). It led you down a path, giving you the feel of I Wish...

I wanted the second book trailer to be completely different, while still offering up the feel of I Wish... I came up with a short scene from the book, a pivotal point for Kira. I stripped the pictures from the background and left the words and the music to do all of the work.

I hope you like it.

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