Dec 23, 2011

One Day Left To Win!!!

Hurry and enter to win a free e-copy of I Wish... for yourself or for a friend. (**Contest Ends Saturday at Noon, and the book will be delivered by Sunday.)

A few easy ways to enter:

1) Click HERE and 'like' or leave a comment on my Kindle page

2) Double entries if you click HERE and leave a comment for Nook (You can do this even if you have already commented on Amazon)

3) Add I Wish... to your Shelfari or Goodreads bookshelf

4) Follow I Wish... on Facebook

5) Share this link or any of my other links to I Wish... on Facebook

6) Leave a comment or 'like' one of my Book Trailers HERE or HERE

!!!Most important of all!!!! Leave a comment here or on Facebook to let me know when you have made your entries!


  1. I put likes everywhere!! Am excited to read your book when I can find the extra time!

  2. Thanks Everyone!!! for all of the support and participation in our first set of I Wish... giveaways.

    And the winners are...
    Samantha L.
    Frankie H.
    Bobbi D.
    and... RuthEllen B.

    To claim your e-copies of I Wish... please facebook message me or contact me through my contact page with the email of the recipient you want the book to go to (also if you want it in Nook or Kindle form). I will send it ASAP.