Dec 15, 2011

Last minute Teacher Gift!

It's hard at Christmas time to cover all of your bases. You have Christmas cards to get out and gifts for family and friends... parties to attend and the house to decorate... and don't forget the gifts for the teachers that so patiently put up with your munchkins!!!

Are you out of time, energy and money? Why not give the gift of a vacation to that teacher who has put in so many hours?.. That is, a vacation for the mind... A Book! I Wish... is super easy to give to people with a few simple clicks of the mouse. And at $2.99 you can get one for each of your children's teachers. All you need is an email address and a couple minutes in front of the computer, and you will have given a thoughtful, inexpensive gift to your child's teacher.

Click HERE to give I Wish... as a gift today.

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